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We have set up the Communication Support Needs database to help decision-makers and service providers make their activities more inclusive. 

The information is for people in the public and voluntary sectors:

  • setting up consultation structures
  • running public engagement activities
  • producing information.

These activities will be more inclusive if you involve people with varied communication support needs from the beginning.

These needs go wider than those linked to sensory impairment or English as an additional language.

For information about the diversity of communication support needs go to the Communication support needs section of the Talk for Scotland toolkit.

The database has three sections.

1.  Communication disability organisations

Organisations active in Scotland with specialist knowledge of communication support needs.

2.  Consulting people with communication support needs

Organisations which have links with people with communication support needs keen to be involved in public engagement activities.

3.  Inclusive communication support service providers

A range of services to help you make your communication more inclusive. 

If you would like to be included on the database please contact us