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Toolkit development


The Talk for Scotland toolkit has been developed as part of the Civic Participation Network project. This is a Communication Forum Scotland project.

Communication Forum Scotland is an informal alliance of organisations involving people of all ages with varied communication difficulties. For further information and contact details go to www.communicationforumscotland.org.uk

The aim of the Civic Participation Network project is to remove barriers to active citizenship for people with communication support needs. It is funded by the Scottish Government.

For further information see the Civic Participation Network section


Content development

Stage 1

The first edition of the toolkit was launched in May 2008.   It was planned and developed with the involvement of:

1. Individuals with communication support needs who:

  • shared their experiences of being active citizens
  • said what practical advice they wanted to be included in the toolkit
  • gave feedback on the toolkit content.

The process involved one-to-one interviews, group discussions, and written questionnaires. 

2. Representatives of organisations involving people with communication support needs, and pan-disability organisations who:

  • took part in one-to-one interviews and group meetings
  • identified existing materials
  • gave feedback on draft content

3. Key communication support service providers

For example speech and language therapists across Scotland who promote inclusive communication environments and practices in their day to day work.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists' Inclusive Communication Network supported a study day focused on specific elements of the toolkit.

4. Specialist organisations offering detailed communications advice

For example the Scottish Accessible Information Forum (SAIF), Bonnington Symbols System and others contributed through discussion and sharing information and resources.

5. Decision makers and service providers

These were consulted through one-to-one discussions, written questionnaires and a focus group.

Initial programming and development

Editor: Amanda Bennett, Project Manager, Civic Participation Network project.

Technical design and development: Momentum Scotland.

Stage 2

The toolkit has been amended and updated.  This was done to make it more user friendly and to ensure wider interests are represented. 

This was a result of seeking feedback from :

  • individuals with communication support needs
  • toolkit users
  • key disability and diversity organisations
  • Civic Participation Network Reference Group members
  • Communication Forum Scotland members.

Editor: Amanda Bennett, Project Manager, Civic Participation Network project.

Technical design and development: With People Community Interest Company - www.withpeople.co.uk


Many individuals and organisations assisted in developing this toolkit.  Thanks to everyone for their valuable contribution.

In particular:

Everyone who kindly agreed to be quoted.

Kim Hartley (Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists), Lesley Culling (I CAN), Natalie Sutton and Ros Todd (project assistants) and Judith Sandeman who actively worked on the content.