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How to use the toolkit How to use the toolkit



The toolkit is divided into seven main sections

  • Why use the toolkit?
  • Communication support needs
  • Communication Support Principles
  • Public engagement activities
  • Consult the experts
  • Resources
  • Listen to the experts

Go to ‘Why use the toolkit, Introduction’ for a summary of content.


In each section there are links to practical advice and quotes from people with diverse communication support needs.


Go to ‘Listen to the experts’ to access all the quotes in one place.


In addition to the seven main sections there is ‘Key messages’ on the toolkit home page.  This will give you a brief overview of the main points of the toolkit.



We welcome your comments.  Please use the feedback form on the toolkit home page. 


Print version


We have not produced a printed version of the whole toolkit.


You can download and print what you want.


Word document Microsoft Word and PDF document Adobe PDF documents are available for each of the sections and the practical advice, templates and examples.


Software for downloads

Word document Word documents may be read using Microsoft Word 97 or a more recent version.  If you do not use MS Word, a Word reader can be downloaded from:  Microsoft Word Viewer.


PDF document To read Adobe PDF files you can download a free Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com.



Left hand menu

To the left of every page on the toolkit you will see a coloured column.

In this column you will find a link to:

  • The home page of the toolkit
  • The content of the section you are in
  • The main sections of the toolkit
  • Communication Forum Scotland website home page
  • Contact details

Links at the top of the page

At the top of each page you will see some small links. These show where you are in the website.  You can use these  links to go back to a related section

Links at the bottom of the page

At the bottom of each page you will find a "Go back one page" link.  Click on this to go back to the page you were looking at before. 

Browser Buttons

You can use the "Back" button at the very top left hand side of the screen to return to the web page you were on.

Moving up and down web pages

Use the scroll bar on the right side of each page

To move through a web page one line at a time, click on the arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar or the arrow at the top.

To move one screen at a time, click on the space inside the scroll bar above or below the darker grey scroll button.

Linked text

Links to other resources are blue. 

Text Only

To view the website without the pictures and graphics click on the "Text only" link at the top of the page.

Once you are in the text only mode you can also adjust the font colour and size, as well as the background.


If you are unable to find the information you are looking for you can contact Communication Forum Scotland for further assistance.