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Thomas (T J)

Thomas - service user, Momentum 

Audio Audio quote from Thomas

'Hi, this is T J here. I'm from Momentum and I do some work with the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities as a co-consultant and a co-trainer.

'I'm good at standing up at conferences and speaking for people with learning disabilities. At one point I didn't stand up at meetings and speak for other people and myself, and at one point I wasn't very good at standing up at all. I just sat in the corner like a quiet wee person.

'I am not so good at reading and writing'

Question: 'What can people do to help you understand written information T J?'

'Make it Easy Read for people with learning disabilities. And in the Scottish Government, they should speak less jargonised, political jargon words. Stop using jargonised words in the meeting so people with learning disabilities could understand what they're saying, instead of talking in their lingo that they speak in the government.

'I like to see the minutes of a meeting [in advance]. You can go over the minutes. You can decide what you want to say.

'People should treat people with learning disabilities in the same way as everyone else.'