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Alison A

During 2007-08 Alison attended an inclusive training course for active citizenship

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'I done with Amanda this training to show you .. It was like MP .. how to go into .. if I've got a difficulty with MPs and how I would go through that and it's quite difficult. And they trained us how to .....to put our .....what would you call that ...how to get to somebody if you've got a complaint .. not a complaint but to put our point.

'We tried to do that and it was really good. It was quite funny. We done a lot of role..... and done how to do sentence with pictures and .... it was really quite funny .... the role .. we done an awful lot of role.... We had to sit every wee while .. breaks constantly, because you get very tired so you have to break and you have to ...

'The trainer that started .. came down .. she was too fast, too fast. And we have to say “No. I'm sorry. It's too fast.” And she's taught something now as well as getting us taught as well.  So we had a good time.'