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Why use the toolkitWhy use the toolkit?


Talk for Scotland is a practical toolkit for decision-makers and service providers.  It offers key advice on how to engage with people who have a variety of communication support needs.

We produced this toolkit to help remove barriers that individuals with communication support needs may face in achieving equal access to services and decision-making processes. 


Written quote Written quote: Inverclyde Council

The toolkit includes:

  • the business, legal and equality reasons for engaging with people with communication support needs
  • an explanation of the diversity of communication support needs in Scotland
  • 6 Communication Support Principles to be followed in all public engagement activities
  • quotes highlighting barriers and solutions from a personal viewpoint.
Audio quote: Audio quote: Pat

‘Well, the brain’s not affected and there still is a person behind the apparent mask and you need patience and understanding to find out what it is they want to say and what they are feeling.’

 Written quote Written quote: Kenny

The toolkit also includes:

  • practical advice to help put the Communication Support Principles into practice
  • templates to develop accessible written materials
  • sources of further information and support to implement inclusive communication strategies.  

Talk for Scotland is produced by Communication Forum Scotland


It is part of the Civic Participation Network project, funded by the Scottish Government.  The project aims to remove barriers to people with communication support needs who wish to be active citizens.

More information more details about the Civic Participation Network

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